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Beethoven Triple Concerto

In November 2022 we were overjoyed to be finally able to play Beethoven's Triple Concerto with the Ensemble ConFuoco - a concert that like many others was planned for 2020 and postponed twice. Lauren Basney (violin) and David Kim (piano) travelled to Germany from the US to join me and the orchestra in the soloist piano trio for this great Beethoven Concerto.

Lauren and David are returning guest soloists to the Ensemble ConFuoco and I have worked and played with Florian Ganz, the conductor and artistic leader of the orchestra on many occasions. After a week of intense and fun work as a trio and with the orchestra, we played three concerts: in the beautiful baroque concert hall of Schloss Ettlingen, in Bietigheim, the 'home base' of the orchestra and in the fantastic 'Weinbrennersaal' in Baden-Baden. We had a great time with this wonderful, friendly and highly engaged playing orchestra under Florian Ganz. Thank you!


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